Christmas gifts for classmates

1. Electric Santa Claus, Shaking Head feet Singing Dancing Christmas gifts for classmates

Electric Santa Claus, Shaking Head feet Singing Dancing Christmas gifts for classmates
  • This electric Santa Claus toy has a lively and interesting design, as it can shake its head, feet, and belly in addition to singing wonderful music. It is ideal for bringing a good time during the Christmas season.
  • Exquisite Packaging – Package dimensions are 10.5 by 5.3 by 4 inches, and it comes in a lovely gift box. This would make an excellent Christmas present for your family, friends, and children.
  • This Electric Santa Claus toy is of the highest quality and is made of flannel. It is both comfortable and beautiful, making it the ideal option for gifts relating to Christmas decoration. Christmas gifts for classmates
  • Adorable youngster companion Simple Operation – It only need three AA batteries to function (not include) If you turn on the start button on this electric Santa Claus for Christmas, he will be able to sing a song while also moving his rotating circle.
  • This Christmas doll can sing and dance, making Christmas more atmosphere, Christmas house decor for business office or home family holiday party, white elephant gift exchange, or secret santa. Add Christmas Atmosphere by letting the new Santa Claus join you.

Christmas gifts for classmates

2. Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa Holiday Decor Christmas gifts for classmates

Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa Holiday Decor Christmas gifts for classmates
  • Plastic
  • Santa Claus, in animated form, scales and descends a ladder.
  • Santa Claus has a strand of led lights in his satchel.
  • Leans against wall or can be attached to a tree using the arm and clamp that is included.
  • Ladder measures 40
  • There are fifteen Christmas carols played by Santa’s toy bag. Christmas gifts for classmates

Homes all around the world have been decorated with Mr. Christmas’s Super Climbing Santa for two generations now. Never getting tired, a Santa dressed in a real fabric costume makes his way up and down a red ladder that is 40 inches tall. You can easily display Santa’s ladder by either attaching it to a tree of your choice or leaning it against a wall using the arm and clamp that are provided with the toy.

Santa carries a string of LED lights to decorate with, and at the foot of the light strand is Santa’s toy bag, which plays 15 Christmas carols. Santa uses the LED lights to decorate with. The volume control enables you to enjoy the Santa Climber with or without music, and the AC adapter operation ensures that the fun may continue uninterrupted throughout the day. The Super Climbing Santa will be a valued ornament in your home for many years to come since he never stops climbing and never gets tired.

Christmas gifts for classmates

3. Gift Wrap Organizer, Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Christmas gifts for classmates

Gift Wrap Organizer, Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Christmas gifts for classmates
  • THE PREMIER STORAGE SOLUTION FOR GIFT WRAPPING PAPER – Make sure that your collection of gift wrap does not become unorganized! The ideal way to store and arrange all of your gift wrap rolls, Christmas decorations, and accessories in one place is with the premium gift wrap paper storage organizer, which is available at most retailers. The organizer for the wrapping paper has an additional pocket, which may be used to store scissors, tape, bows, ribbons, and any other wrapping items. Christmas gifts for classmates
  • EFFICIENT USE OF SPACE – At long last, a present wrap organizer that can be stored in your closet or beneath your bed! There will be no more lost space due to large packaging. This gift wrap storage box is the ideal place to keep all of your Christmas wrapping paper rolls and additional accessories, and the Premium Wrap Organizer is the ideal method for doing so.
  • STURDY Structure – The Premium Wrap Organizer has a sturdy construction, heavy duty fabric that is made of rip proof 600D oxford fabrics, and reinforced stitching to ensure that it will be of use for a very long time. You can count on it to serve you well for many years to come!
  • LARGE CAPACITY – This quality wrapping paper storage container for Christmas storage can hold anywhere from 18 to 24 rolls of wrapping paper that are the normal size (up to 40 Inches long). In addition to that, it has a sizable front pocket that can store even more of your essentials! Dimensions – 6″ x 14″ x 40″.
  • EXTRA POCKETS FOR ACCESSORIES – This Christmas gift wrap organiser features an additional pouch on the side that can be used to store scissors, a tape dispenser, and other wrapping accessories. Additionally, this pocket can be used to store a present bag holder or a holiday decoration storage box. This bag is perfect for keeping creative supplies such as beads and sequins in addition to wrapping paper.

Christmas gifts for classmates

4. Giiffu Christmas Drawstring Gift Bags Christmas gifts for classmates

Giiffu Christmas Drawstring Gift Bags Christmas gifts for classmates
  • You will receive 40 different Christmas gift bags and 40 different gift tags when you purchase this Christmas Gift Bags Set. There is no need to purchase any additional materials as each bag already has two drawstring ribbons inserted straight into the bag itself. Put any present in one of these timeless and elegant bags, which are perfect for the holiday that is considered to be the most significant of the year.
  • Durable and reusable, All Christmas gift bags are constructed of reusable printed premium aluminium foil material with a thickness of 3 mil, and they have the capacity to store a wide variety of Christmas presents, gift boxes, and candies. Meanwhile They are not easily broken, making them suitable for sturdy and long-lasting use; also, you may save money by reusing them year after year. Christmas gifts for classmates
  • Drawstring bags offer a greater degree of convenience. It is simple to use; simply place the gift inside the bag, thread the gift tag through the ribbon, pull the ribbon, and tie it into a bow, and you will be finished. You may avoid the headache of wrapping presents by not having to deal with paper, scissors, tape, or ribbon. You’ll save time, and the service is quite convenient.
  • 8 different patterns in 8 sizes, 4-Jumbo (27.55″x21.25 “), 4-Large (23.62″x 17.32″), 4-Big (20.07″x14. 96”), 4-Big (17.32 “x13.38 “), 4-Big (17.32″x13.38″), 4-Medium (15.74″x11″), 4-Medium (12.59″x9.44″), 6-Small (10.62″ x 7.87″),10-Small (9.05″x6.29”). You can fulfil your requirements with Giiffu Christmas Wrapping bags. No matter how large or small your contribution may be.
  • Giiffu gift bags excellent for treats or gift giving! On the inside of each tag is a space reserved specifically for you to write your own unique greeting. If the things you ordered do not live up to your standards, please do not hesitate to send us a note through the “contact sellers” button.

Christmas gifts for classmates

5. Wall Christmas Tree with 31 Pcs Christmas gifts for classmates

Wall Christmas Tree with 31 Pcs Christmas gifts for classmates
  • Updated Do-It-Yourself Felt Christmas Tree Your children will not only be able to participate in the holiday customs but you will also be able to take pleasure in a joyful parenting experience thanks to the DIY Christmas Tree, which was created so that your kids may practise their handiwork skills. Children are capable of counting, recognising shapes, and having creative imaginations.
  • Christmas Tree Made of Felt for Children We provide you with high-quality felt material and 3D Ornaments to increase the level of protection you have and the delight you get from looking at them. Your Christmas tree will have more colour thanks to the 31 pieces of different decorations (Santa, snowflake, snowman, Christmas hat, Christmas socks, elk bells and the like).
  • LED String Lights are utilised here. This DIY Felt Christmas Tree comes with 50 warm LED string lights, which can be wrapped around the Christmas tree, and then the tree may be hung in your children’s home at night when it is dark. (The string lights require three different sizes of AA batteries, which are not included in the package.) Christmas gifts for classmates
  • Fabulous Christmas and New Year’s Decorations (W x H) 70 x 98 cm, or 27.56 x 38.58 inches, the size is suitable for children to engage in do-it-yourself projects; Felt Christmas trees are uniquely made with five different pieces of patchwork felt, which contribute to the tree’s appealing appearance.
  • Ideal presents for children to receive for Christmas Because it may improve your baby’s cognitive ability as well as their ability to work with their hands, the DIY Felt Christmas Tree is one of the greatest baby toys for educational purposes. A custom of giving gifts at Christmas and decorating one’s home by hanging things on walls, doors, fireplaces, and other surfaces.

Christmas gifts for classmates

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