Harry Potter Necklace – Snitch Lava Stone Aromatherapy Pendant Necklace White Gold (White Gold)


HARRY POTTER NECKLACE DESIGN: If you love Harry Potter, then this necklace is a perfect fit for you. An intricate design features silver wings over a silver locket. Made using grade A materials our artisans meticulously make each design by hand.
GOLDEN SNITCH ? The Golden Snitch, commonly referred to as simply the Snitch, is used in the game of Quidditch. The snitch flies around the game at high speeds and tries to avoid being caught by the Seeker. The game can only end when the Snitch has been caught. Catch one if you can today!
A DIFFUSER NECKLACE ? What makes this Harry Potter necklace so special is that it doubles as a lava stone diffuser necklace. You can add essential oils or perfume to the lava ball inside the snitches? locket and it will diffuse the scent for a day or two depending on quality and quantity of the oil you apply.
REAL LAVA STONES ? Lava has been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety and calm the emotions. Lava stones are also a critical element for grounding and stabilizing the root Chakra. So, not only do you get a super cool Harry Potter inspired design, but the materials used are actually good for you, especially when you pair them with Essential Oils.
Come on! Enjoy your favorite essential oils every day!


Our Harry Potter necklace features a beautifully designed locket with a set of wings sitting a top the locket. Inspired by the Golden Snitch, this lava stone necklace is perfect for anyone who loves Harry Potter and Essential Oils.

Each necklace comes with a black cord and black lava stone. One to two drops of your favorite oils or perfume will last 3-5 days depending on its potency.

Locket size: 16mm
Lava Stone Size: 14-16mm
Cord length: 30 inches

Our Silver Snitch necklace is plated in sterling silver and finished with a clear “e-coat” layer to prevent against scratches and tarnishing.

There is no nickel or lead in any of our lava bead jewelry.


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